Dear Forum users,

My name is Raoul, and I am from the Netherlands. A few years ago I started a small company ( that fabricates single sided printed circuit boards for a decent price and fast delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium.

This proved to be a huge success which is the reason I now want to offer my PCB service to Germany. However my German skills are not good enough to communicate with customers. That’s why I need you.

You must be able to write in formal German (email), and read/write English to communicate with me. I know some German, but it wouldn’t be enough to make myself understandable. When you work is entirely up to you, but emails should be replied within 24 hours on working days (monday to friday).

For each successful order you will receive a percentage of the total value, which should get you motivated to reply fast and efficient. Customer satisfaction is what matters to us.

If you are interested and would like to receive more information, please let me know! In the meanwhile you can check out my website which is currently being constructed to give you an impression of the company:

With kind regards,

Raoul van de Rijt