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Thema: Bascom ( ist da!!) kommt direkt hinterher!

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    Bascom ( ist da!!) kommt direkt hinterher!


    Hallo zusammen,
    die Version ist verfügbar!
    Whats new:
    - fixed bug for SEROUT where using a variable for the number of bytes would overwrite the X register
    - right() function used with a variable, and without $bigstring could lead to a pointer error, resulting in wrong result.
    - Xmega SPI support added. SPI for xmega also supports dynamic channels. The variable has to start with bSPI in that case:
    Open "SPI,Master,mode0,clk2,msb" For Binary As #bspivar ' use a dynamic channel
    Print #bspivar , W
    Input #bspivar , W
    Instead of a CONFIG, OPEN is used. Notice that you have to open
    - Xmega dynamic UART channel added. When using a variable that begins with bUART, you can use a dynamic channel:
    For Buart_channel = 0 To 7 'when using a variable, notice that the index is 0 based !
    Print #buart_channel , "UART :" ; Buart_channel
    waitms 1000
    The channel does not to be opened in this case.
    - $eepromsize added : $eepromsize=value. This directive can be used in cases where you use an alternative eeprom library. for example to use a
    quicker and more reliable eeprom such as an external ramtron chip. Using an alternative library will use an external eeprom instead of the internal eeprom.
    But in cases where your external eeprom is larger then the internal, you need to override the size. You can do this with the $eepromsize directive.
    You have to take in mind that programming the eeprom will program still the internal eeprom ! So use these options with care.
    - when using ISIS simulator, the IDE will set focus to ISIS when pressing F2.
    - config rc5 , wait feature documented. default is 100 (6.4 ms)
    - crc16() will pass a word instead of a byte. this means you can get crc16 of a bigger array.
    - config kbd has an additonal parameter named COLS. By default this is 4. Some chips do not have port pin 7 and for these cases you can use COLS=3, or COLS=2
    This does assume that columns are connected to the high port nibble.
    - writeeeprom/readeeprom when used with a constant address did not store the address when used with auto increase:
    writeeeprom var, 1 : writeeeprom var
    - split() function did not return empty array elements. Those were ignored:
    consider this string : "1,2,,4,5" . it would return 1,2,4 and 5. Since there is a delimiter, it is
    better to return an empty element.
    - mega1284P, M644P dat file , stk500 eeprom section corrected.
    - tinyx61 have a 16 bit timer0 but the LSB and MSB registers are not lineair in memory. If used in 16 bit mode, you need to handle this yourself.
    reading : read LSB first, then MSB. Writing : write MSB first, then LSB. (does NOT apply to Xmega)
    - DMXSLAVE needs aliases for UCSRxA registers. These were added to the DAT files.
    - PORTA, DDR and PIN registers added to tiny48 and tiny88 since TQFP version has this port.
    - M32M1 support added. Notice that is does not have TWI or a UART. The LIN can be used in UART mode but is not supported yet.
    - [FLAG] section added to dat files. Some micro's have the flag register located in non-bit addressable space
    in such a case, SBI will not work to reset the bit and OUT or STS is used. For FLAG registers, the current content may not be read.
    While for normal registers, when setting a bit, the content must be read before the bit is set.
    - mega3250P support added.
    - CONFIG INPUT defaulted to the default settings. this was caused by modification for the xmega. Also notice that CONFIG INPUT0 need to be specified as INPUT or INPUT1.
    - USBASP Programmer problem fixed with internal memory pointer(resulting in wrong flashing)
    - dat files include info for new IDE, same dat file set will be used.
    - CLOSE for SW UART explained in more detail in the help.
    - print preview and print use the same font settings now.
    - stk500 external programmer(stk500) was called with wrong COM parameter after higher COM ports were added to options. In this change the numbers where changed into COMx.
    - tiny2313 dat file had a type error for IDLE mode.
    - tiny48/88 TQFP32 pinout xml files had a few errors
    - instead of config lcd=16*2 you can use X instead of *. This is needed for beta IDE. Example : config lcd=16x2
    - CONFIG DATE needs "" for the separator : config date=dmy,"-"
    Gruß RePi!

    *** Holzhacken ist deshalb so beliebt, weil man bei dieser Tätigkeit den Erfolg sofort sieht. ***
    *** (Albert Einstein) ***

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    Vorsicht, da gibt es wohl noch einen Bug:

    Mark ist dran, und wird demnächst ein Update bereitstellen.
    Ob das dann allerdings eine andere Versionsnummer hat, weiß ich nicht.


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    ok ist zwar grad hier nicht ganz passend
    ich hab ein problem mit dem login ich weis mein passwort meine emailadresse aber nicht mein nutzernamen
    mein letzter login ist schon 1-2 jahre her
    bekam man da eine registrations bestätigung per email? wie könnte der absender heisen?

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    Auf der Registrierungsseite gibt doch es einen Button "forgot your login data?".
    Deine emailadresse weisst du ja noch.


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    und schon ist die 1.12.00 da.
    (compiler build


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    311 ist da

    das ging ja schnell.
    Whats new? Habe noch nicht nachgesehen.

    soo das sind die News:
    - Xmega caused a bug in non-xmega timer handeling : non xmega have a normal abd absolute address for IO regs which differ by 32. (normal registers space).
    This offset was determinted too late, resulting in a wrong address for internal variables like timer0.
    These special byte variables are now placed in the dat file.
    This error was not visible when you compiled your code more then once! Only a fresh start and first compilation would reveal this bug.
    - swap supports swap of double too. Also, swap with a single parameter can swap a nibble or 2 bytes:
    swap b where b = &B11110000 will result in 00001111
    for word/integer, it will swap the bytes : w=&B11110000_1100_0000 -> 1100_0000_1111_0000 or &HABCD becomes CDAB.
    - bccard port parameter changed into full port name. See help.
    - config twislave has a new option : userack=ON|OFF. When on, you can set ack/nack from your code. Also fixed a bug where the default setting did not save all registers.
    - m32U4 : getadc() did not used ADC_MUX value from the dat file.
    - myAVR programmer, changed error messages to info msg.
    settings : 19200 baud.
    - internal assembler allowed a backwards jump of 1 too many. in glcdeadogm128x6 this caused a wrong jump for chips>64KB.
    - using $noramclear in combination with $initmicro could give an memory access error(invalid pointer).
    - m32U4.dat file had missing mux5 bit, also corrected interrupt section.
    - Windows 7-64 bit support added for LIBUSB.
    - crc16 change for word sized arrays did not work for words but only bytes.
    - internal loadbit routine which was rewritten in 11199 to check for boundery errors, had a bug for arrays with a constant index. The offset was 1 off.
    this means that sombit=ar(3).8 would load the wrong bit location.
    - RTF export will place the content in the clipboard too.
    - power mode bug fixed: SE was not set when none of the SM bits were 1.
    - usbasp (and other atmel programmers) gave a division by zero error for AT90XXXX chips (chips that do not use page programming)
    - replaceChars string, oldchar,newchar will replace all characters in string.
    - added tiny4313 support(programming untested)
    - added button to insert $regfile, and $stack to the editor
    Gruß RePi!

    *** Holzhacken ist deshalb so beliebt, weil man bei dieser Tätigkeit den Erfolg sofort sieht. ***
    *** (Albert Einstein) ***


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