Das geht ja fix.

- config dcf77 has additional sectic parameter.
the lib source is added to the commercial version too.
- Mega1281 dat file added
- m168 dat file did not had tccr2 defined. config clock needs it.
- tcpchecksum() function did not work for big data since a word was used to add, and not a long.
the function was written for the PING which did not need a lot of data. but now it will work for other data as well.
- the tcp lib had a problem for the slave address of the iim7010.it only worked with &H80 since a constant was not replaced by the internal slave
- the m2561 dat file missed an interrupt and it caused a number of interrupts not to work.
- the config serialin1/2/3 was not well described in the help.
further, the samples were adusted since the following label names were changed :
Serial3ByteReceived into Serial2ByteReceived
Serial4ByteReceived into Serial3ByteReceived
Serial3CharMatch into Serial2CharMatch
Serial4CharMatch into Serial3CharMatch
This makes the label names more consistent with the UART names.
When your code uses the BYTEMATCH option, it is important that you change it !!!