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Thema: pic burning shop in berlin?

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    pic burning shop in berlin?


    hi there,

    i was wondering if there are shops in berlin were they burn pics for you,
    cause the pic-burning-world is to complicated for me to do it myself.
    thanx sofar.

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    I don't think so - haven't heard of one yet.
    But perhaps someone here could burn you one - what exacty do you need?

    If you would give it a try, you could use either a serial Programmer or a parallel one. Both cost about 50ct to 1 euro, dependent on the place you buy your parts

    The serial one: https://www.roboternetz.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=15276
    In the second post is a link to the schematics as well as the values of the used parts. A few posts below is a link to the software and a page describing how to use the software.

    The parallel one is found at http://www.sprut.de/electronic/pic/p...ner0/index.htm
    Everything should be described on the page.

    If you have questions with one of these circuits, don't be shy of asking them


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