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  1. How You Can Ensure Growth for Your Taxi Company with White Label Taxi Booking Apps

    In recent years it has been noticed that many taxi service providers are opting for mobile applications to improve their business service quality, enable matchup of their drivers and passengers seamlessly and above all keep up with the high demand in the industry. A user-friendly taxi booking app helps the companies take their customer experience to the next level by turning a bothersome taxi booking experience to a convenient one.

    Is there any particular type of software solution ...
  2. Logistic Management App - Potential to Mobilise Logistic Industry

    The logistics industry is highly competitive and suffers from its share of challenges. The popularity of eCommerce and high customer demand have compelled logistics companies to seek effective means of management.
    According to a leading survey, one of the biggest challenges facing logistics is on-time delivery. Companies also find it difficult to satisfy the customer demand for transparency about every step of the delivery process. On top of that, communication with drivers, suppliers and ...