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  1. What are the benefits of taking a picture with a dental intraoral camera?

    Laboratory communication
    In order to provide optimal esthetics in a prosthesis, laboratories may require patients themselves to be physically present. A stone model may accurately provide information on tooth position and shape, but provides NO information on tooth or gingival character, shade, or color. A shade guide is often used to convey information on color, but falls short in describing the complexity of depth and shadowing a tooth exhibits. A color-corrected photograph can provide ...
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  2. What convenience do Led dental lights bring to dental practice?

    Dental office lighting is meant to enable the dental practitioner to deliver high quality dental care and enhance productivity. This means the light provided should be of sufficient quantity, quality and consistency. Dental procedures vary greatly from polishing to tooth extraction and each of these procedures comes with a different lighting requirement. Even a simple teeth polishing method needs proper lighting so that each and every corner of the mouth is clearly visible.

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  3. What is the importance of modern dental instruments?

    Dental instruments are a critical component of a dentist's practice. Dental treatment involves the use of a variety of sophisticated instruments and equipment from a reputable dental supplier who can deliver quality products and service.

    There are certain modern implements that have the potential to absolutely revolutionize dental practice Dynamics. One is portable dental x ray unit (especially for endodontics). Radiographic imaging is an essential part of diagnosis, documentation ...
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  4. What do you need to know about dental loupes?

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    Galilean Vs. Prismatic Loupes: Galilean loupes are fixed at one focus level in the lens, and are usually lower in magnification power. Prismatic loupes allow for higher magnification, and greater clarity.

    Flip-Up Vs. Through-The-Lens: Most loupes come fixed into the lens of the glasses. This is known as Through-The Lens or TTL. The convenience here is that it will always be in the right position, but this set up requires you to look over the top ...
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  5. Lade- Entladeanzeige mit LED


    ich suche eine Möglichkeit bei einer 24V Batterie, wie in einem KFZ eine Lade- Entladekontrolle zu bauen; es soll keine eigenen Betriebsspannung notwendig sein;
    2 LED genügen, will nur sehen ob Verbrauch oder LAdung aktiv ist. Früher hat es solche Instrumente mal gegeben, will aber eine LED Anzeige.

    Danke für Ideen

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