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Thema: Suche OP wie LM358 fr hhere Spannung 35V.

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    Suche OP wie LM358 fr hhere Spannung 35V.

    Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem OP wie dem LM358 aber fr 34-35V.
    Da Ich mir mit der Auswahl etwas unsicher bin, gibt es eventuell einen Standardtip? er sollte auch min.10mA knnen und in SMD zu bekommen sein.
    Schon mal danke fr jeden Tip

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    Das wre grundstzlich etwas fr den guten alten 741. Er ist lter und langsamer aber sehr weit verbreitet.
    36V Ub, 20mA Ausgang.
    Sieh noch mal im Datenblatt nach.

    Ich sehe gerade, dass es den 741 auch in 30V Ausfhrung gibt, dann doch ein anderer.
    Hier sind ein paar beschrieben wie der OPA604 mit 50V.


    Nette Beschreibung brigens

    The 741 is now only of historical interest. In its day, however, it was a most important and significant development. Here is some information on an old friend...

    To my mind, the first really practical opamp was the National 741. It was highly effective in most respects, but burdened with a slewrate of 0.5V/usec, which made a full output swing at 20 kHz impossible; you got only stunted triangles. The 741 was followed by an avalanche of different opamp types, but only a very few have seen extensive use in audio.

    The 741 had (and indeed has) effective short-circuit protection and internal compensation for stability at unity gain, and was much easier to make work in a real circuit. It was clear that it was a bit noisy compared with discrete circuitry, and you had to keep the output level well down if slew limiting was to be avoided, but with care it was usable in audio.

    Probably the last place the 741 lingered was in the integrators of state-variable EQ filters, where neither indifferent noise performance or poor slewing is a problem.

    The LM741 is a single opamp. The dual version is the 747.

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