I have two RS4 RV130 in function.
I have the offline software and I am trying to setup the DNC communication between robot and PC.
I got the information from REIS that I need a null modem cable which I made for myself. this DB9 female/male.

Is there anyone how has the orginal null modem cable from Reis to give me the pinout because there are many variations of null cable pinout on the web?

Also they told me that you need to connect to the CPU card on port 2.
For know I did not succeced to astablish the communication. I prepare DNC mode in the offline software and put the DNC listen command inside main program in robot software.
Does anyone know which type of variable you need when you start DNC listening? I tried integer and I think that that is the one. But Where inside robot you can put this variable ? I have sub program VARDEF but this are variables are defined for the motion range of axis.
I tried both ways, load and save via DNC. Finall I got the same error message.
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If someone needs instructions for Offline sofware you can dowload it on the link

If someone has any info please contact me so we can share the information regarding that.

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